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Singing is one of the most natural instruments to learn — most people already intuitively know how to sing, they just haven't learned how to develop control over their voice.

»  Singing is a great instrument for young children to learn — we'll teach them the basics of music and how to sing properly while they get to have fun singing their to their favorite Disney songs!

»  One of the first thing we work with students on is pitch. Pitch is something that can be practiced and learned — no one is truly tone deaf!

»  Our teachers focus on vocal placement, breath support, phrasing, style, vowels, enunciation, and more!



Kitty Jones comes from a family of musicians and grew up going to live shows and learning music from her own family.  She decided to study music education and classical guitar in college because she wanted to become a well-rounded musician, and graduated in 2018 with a degree in University Studies with an emphasis in Creative Arts Education. Throughout high school and college, Kitty has performed in various contexts: concert & marching band, Gospel & Soul choir, traditional & chamber choir, and as a lead singer and rhythm guitarist in her own band. She even released an EP of her own original music with her band before moving to New Orleans. Kitty first began teaching music lessons in college and realized how much she loves teaching and encouraging people through music. She is great at helping students believe in their abilities and she loves helping her students exceed their own expectations through lessons, practice, and encouragement. Kitty is known for her positive energy — she gets really excited when her students accomplish something and will be their biggest cheerleader (She might even jump up in celebration!)


Wesley is a young multi-instrumentalist who has played professionally with many artists and groups including Caged Birds and Outlier. Wesley also has extensive experience with brass instruments and has been heavily involved in marching bands throughout his life. He has a degree in Music Pedagogy (The Method of Teaching) from Birmingham-Southern College and has been teaching private music lessons for several years. Wesley works as a music minister and choir director at St. Charles United Methodist Church in Destrehan, LA.


Katie Lott is a pianist, violinist, and singer-songwriter with over 6 years of experience teaching private lessons. As a singer, she has released multiple singles and albums as well as performing and touring the Southeast US. She teaches beginning through advanced students and has worked with all ages, from 3 to adult. She has been playing music for almost 20 years in orchestras, ensembles, solo recitals, churches, and more. She earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from Birmingham-Southern College and currently works in the New Orleans area as a teacher and performer. Katie's teaching style is a mix of classical (with a strong emphasis on technique and scales) and contemporary music. She is constantly creating custom arrangements for her students to keep them excited about music, whether it's a track from a Disney movie, a challenging classical piece, or a student's favorite pop song. Katie specializes in pop styles of singing, technique, and ear training/harmonization.


Nick Bierman is an upbeat teacher whose passion for music is absolutely contagious. Nick spent most of his life picking up one instrument after another because he just couldn’t decide which was his favorite. After high school it seemed like the obvious choice for Nick to pursue a degree in music composition and continue his musical journey. During college he discovered a new passion for teaching music that he never knew he had. Now it’s Nick’s goal to spend all day teaching music and all night making music. If you’re looking for a die-hard music fan who will love music as much as you do, then Nick Bierman is your guy!


 about voice lessons at NOLA School of Music


Don't worry, we won't force you to sing opera unless that's your jam! We'll help you learn the styles of music YOU want to learn! We teach classical, pop, rock, R&B, country, musical theater, choral music, and more.


Yes, we have multiple school concerts every year. Because our teachers are all multi-instrumentalists, you'll have the opportunity to perform with an ensemble and a full band if you'd like!


Yes, you'll learn much faster if you set aside time to practice at home. Our teachers will assign warm-up exercises and songs for you to practice in between the lessons and make sure you have tracks and recordings to sing along with.



30-minute lessons are our most popular option at NOLA School of Music. They are ideal for beginners and children who don't have enough material (or the attention span) for a longer lesson.


60-minute weekly lessons are great for adults or intermediate/advanced students. An hour lesson gives your teacher plenty of time to focus on technique, sight-reading, improvisation, and other aspects of music without being rushed.


For many students, 45-minute weekly lessons are the perfect sweet spot. Since 45-minute lessons are difficult to schedule, they may only be available during early afternoon hours or late evening.

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