Piano is one of our most popular instruments. It's a great instrument for young children who have never played an instrument before. We teach all styles of piano playing, from classical to pop!

We teach acoustic, electric, and classical guitar. Guitar is a great instrument for singers who want to accompany themselves or people who want to play in a band setting.

At NOLA School of Music, we believe there's no such thing as "tone deaf" — we think everyone can learn to be a great singer! Our teachers focus on phrasing, pitch, placement, and more.

Violin is a bowed instrument with four strings. Violins are known for their higher pitched, sweet tones, produced by pulling the bow across the strings.

Bass guitar is a 4-stringed fretted instrument, similar to the electric guitar. Bass players are often thought of as the backbone of the band.

The drum set is a fun instrument to learn, especially for energetic people! Drums are an essential part of any band because they set the tempo and keep the beat.

Trumpet is the smallest (and highest pitched) of the brass instruments. Because of its size, it's usually the easiest brass instrument for smaller children to hold.

The trombone is another brass instrument similar to the trumpet, but instead of using valves to change the pitch, it uses a slide, which is pulled in and out while playing.

French horn is another brass instrument with a wide range. It's a hard instrument to learn because controlling the pitches on french horn is so difficult.

Tuba is the lowest of the brass instruments. It takes a lot of strength and breath control to play the tuba, because it is so large.

Banjo is a fretted instrument similar to the guitar, but it normally has 5 strings and is played with fingerpicks.

Ukulele is a good instrument for young children to start out on. It has four strings, which are made of nylon and easy to press down.


Saxophone is commonly used in jazz and contemporary music. It's a great instrument for students interested in learning jazz!


The flute is part of the woodwind family of instruments. Both the flute and piccolo (a smaller variation of the flute) are known for their sweet, higher pitched sounds.


Clarinet is a great woodwind instrument to start out on. Clarinets produce sound through a reed, which is inside the mouthpiece of the instrument.

Viola is similar to the violin, but the four strings are lower, giving it a deeper sound. It is held and played the same way as the violin.

Songwriting is the art of writing lyrics, putting a melody to those lyrics, writing a chord progression, and fitting all the parts of the song together.

Music production involves recording music, mixing music, and using digital instruments to create tracks.


Mandolin is similar to the guitar, but has 8 strings and is commonly used in folk and bluegrass music.


The harmonica, also called the mouth organ or French harp, is often used in folk, jazz, and blues music.

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